Wednesday, November 25, 2009

BLM Lies to Congress to Get Mo' Money

Based on BLM Lies and Mis-Information, Congress "OK's" & Funds BLMs "Plan of Extinction" in Year 2000
The Bureaus LIES and MISINFORMATIONS are embolded on this page;

In early 1999, the Bureau recognized that a population

explosion among wild horses and burros had rendered it

incapable of achieving its statutory goals at then-current funding

levels. The nationwide wild horse and burro population was at

least 46,000 animals or approximately 19,500 animals above

nationwide AML. In the face of “mounting distrust and

discontent with the BLM’s management of the Wild Horse and

Burro Program,” the Bureau developed a strategy to achieve

nationwide AML and justify increased funding for the program.

After soliciting advice from state Bureau offices about their

specific needs and reviewing several options, the national office

settled on a plan that would, if implemented, achieve nationwide

AML in five years at a cost of an additional $9 million per fiscal

year from 2001 through 2005.

This plan was presented to Congress in February 2000 as

a Presidential Budget Initiative. Entitled “The ‘Restoration of

Threatened Watersheds’ Initiative” and subtitled “Living

Legends in Balance with the Land: A Strategy to Achieve

Healthy Rangelands and Viable Herds,” the five-page document

informed Congress that “[o]ne of the major threats to watershed

health is an overabundance of wild horses and burros on

rangelands” and that “at current funding capability and adoption

demand” the populations of these animals “will increase at a rate

faster than our ability to remove excess animals.” The Bureau

explained that the additional appropriation would enable the

field offices to meet removal targets based on an initial fouryear

gather schedule. This would result in a large number of

removals in the early years of implementation and a gradual

decline to maintenance levels. The plan also contemplated

eliminating age restrictions on removals,2 enhanced marketing

of animals and adoption events, and an expanded program of

training and gelding for difficult-to-adopt animals.

Congress approved the needed funding for the program

and the various field offices began implementing individual

gathers on a herd-by-herd basis.

Read more about this "Management" Plan in Fund for Animals v. BLM on our "Decided Cases of Interest" page

See also, the BLMs "Restoration Project of 2002" which is in furtherance of this Plan of Eliminating half of all of Americas Wild Horses & Burros.

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