Thursday, July 8, 2010

Suing the DOD for Violation of The Symington, Glenn, and Pressler Amendments

The U.S. must stop providing the weapons and ammunition with
which Israeli's kill women, children and old men, all in the
name of "self-defense." Israel's border stretches to where
ever the Israelis want, regardless of International Law.
...Israel & its victimhood syndrome, is never ending."
"US aid to Israel is actually illegal under American law. 1
-'The US Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) and the US Arms
Export Control Act (AECA) strictly forbid the government from
giving military assistance to any country that violates
internationally recognized human rights. The State Department's
2001 human rights report states: 2. ----The Elephant in the
room -- The Symington Glenn and Pressler Amendments. The
Symington Glenn and Pressler Amendments prohibit aid to
countries that develop or traffic in Nuclear weapons and do not
sign up to the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Israel never signed
the Treaty."

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